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Syracuse Pets and Where to Find Them

Syracuse Pets and Where to Find Them

According to the ASPCA , over 7.6 million animals across the nation will enter shelters this year. Many of them will reside there permanently, or never live to meet their new owners. As hearts warm during the holidays, a sweet animal in need could find a home under your Christmas tree. Syracuse has a variety of clean and humane animal shelters with well-cared for Syracuse pets to choose from.  These two, however, represent the Best of CNY.

The Humane Association of CNY (Humane CNY)

This adorable volunteer-operated animal shelter in Liverpool has a huge heart and stringent regulations to make sure your pet will be a safe and healthy addition to your home.

“I really liked Humane CNY because it is clean and the staff is friendly.”  said Xinzhu Zhang, who recently adopted a ginger kitten from the shelter.

Additionally, Humane CNY examines potential owners as thoroughly as their resident animals. All potential adopters must provide a copy of their lease, proving that animals are allowed, as well as a statement of their income to ensure that the animal will be properly cared for.

Humane CNY also offers convenient partnerships with veterinary clinics throughout the region. SANS Syracuse, located in North Syracuse and CNY SNAP, located in Cortland, are small non-profits offering low-cost spay/neuter solutions to address the problem of animal overpopulation in CNY. These services are highly recommended by Humane CNY. A complimentary wellness check up is available for your Humane CNY friend at VCA Animal Hospital chapters in Syracuse, Oneida, and Rome.

This shelter is committed to establishing a compelling narratives for animals in residence. Their facebook page is filled with adorable profiles detailing animal personalities, as well as many posts commemorating the life and “bucket list” of local celebrity Jada. This Pit Bull with a tragic past who was lovingly rehabilitated at the shelter before succumbing to her aggressive cancer on November 10th.

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This loving home for Syracuse pets serves as an important community center for animal welfare. “The process only took two weeks, and I was happy that I had healthy animals to choose from.” said Yuanjun Peng, who recently adopted two beautiful kittens. “They also directed me to resources that showed me how to take care of my pets.”

Similarly to Humane CNY, CNY SPCA issues careful requirements to ensure the compatibility between animals and their potential owners. If a person already owns another animal, the shelter requires that animals become socialized before moving to their new home. All animals are spayed and neutered before leaving the shelter.

CNY SPCA also offers a variety of resources for the continuing education of  Syracuse pet owners. The most striking of these is affordable obedience lessons for dogs under the reputable direction of Mitch Stahl. He serves as a special Behavior Consultant with CNY SPCA, and has over two decades of dog training experience. This is a great idea for new owners who are often as skittish as their new friends.

CNY SPCA also has a delightfully creative and passionate approach to fundraising for their animals. A calendar featuring a series of photographs entitled “Bikers for Paws” is now on sale as a holiday fundraiser, and other events include a chance for your Syracuse pets to take a picture with “Santa Paws”

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A Call for Support

Both of these institutions are an important force in our CNY community, and they could always use your support. If you are not willing to adopt a pet yourself, perhaps consider donating a pet item or small amount of cash to future Syracuse pets.




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