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Syracuse Snarl Fashion Show Returns with “Creepy Creatures and Mythological Monsters”

Syracuse Snarl Fashion Show Returns with “Creepy Creatures and Mythological Monsters”


Syracuse Fashion Week hosted its 7th annual Syracuse Snarl fashion show at the Landmark Theatre on October 25th. Creepy creatures and mythological monsters transformed into provocative, bloodcurdling fashionistas for one eerie night.

Syracuse Snarl held at the Landmark Theatre

Featured Designers

Syracuse Snarl offers a new way of looking at beauty. The fashion show featured original designs from local designers. The show began with Greek gods and goddesses by Inspire Designs followed by Paint Nite’s naked, painted models. Belles and Beaus Hell’s Belles gave a glamorous look at the creatures of the unearthly afterlife while Phii Design’s featured Celtic mythological monsters. 

Khang Le of Khangle Designer said the show gave a unique perspective on models.

“I see the way they spent a lot of time on the makeup and hair. You know how regular fashion shows are usually about a designer,” Le said. “I’m a designer, but tonight when I look at it, it’s more about the creativity of the people backstage….”

The most memorable costume, Le added, was a model who came out on walking stilts screaming, something he claims requires a lot of self-confidence.

“That is not just hair and makeup… When a model comes out and screams in my face, that’s something different,” he said.

Although the models, particularly of S&M Designs, gave some gruesome performances, some felt the night wasn’t the goriest.

Favorite Looks

Photo by Nabiha Asim

“I think they could have done a lot more. They walked through too fast, they could’ve danced through. They could have put more acting and drama into it…” Peter Svoboda, owner of CNY Artists Gallery, said.

Svoboda pointed out Hermes, played by Connor Fileu, gave a remarkable, dramatic performance.

While some focused on the fashion side of the show, others enjoyed the Halloween side.

“We like anything Halloween,” Amy Labarge said.  

Photo by Nabiha Asim

Labarge enjoyed the costumes and performances by S&M Designs.

Attendees enjoyed food and snacks before and after the show.

Previous Syracuse Snarl themes ranged from “Fractured Fairytales” and undead creatures: zombies and vampires. The show once had models dressed in meat that people could eat off of. This year’s highlight was definitely the naked, painted models.

The designers’ ghastly costumes at Syracuse Snarl left the audience with insight into the world of Halloween fashion.

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