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Greyhound Your Way to NYC: The Best Low Cost Option

Greyhound Your Way to NYC: The Best Low Cost Option

Thinking about taking a trip to New York City? You might want to try riding with Greyhound. For people living in Syracuse who don’t have cars, Greyhound is a good choice if they want to take a trip to New York City.

Greyhound has been around since 1914, and it is the largest highway transport company in North America, going to over 3,800 cities. A typical Greyhound bus has a wide body to accommodate its many passengers. You can recognize a Greyhound bus by the large, painted greyhound stretched across the outside of the buses.

The Greyhound station in Syracuse is located at 1 Walsh Circle, not far from Destiny USA. Many Centro bus routes can take you to the station, so getting there isn’t difficult.

If the lights of the city are calling your name, here are a few reasons why you might want to travel the Greyhound way for your next trip.

The Price is Right 

If you’re worried about the cost, compared with travelling by air, taking a Greyhound bus can save you at least $150 for a one way trip. A one-way flight to New York City using JetBlue can cost over $90. An average one-way trip to the city using Greyhound is less than $50.

What about traveling by train? Greyhound is cheaper than that, too. Depending on whether or not you want to travel the value way (the cheapest that Amtrak offers) or you choose to take the premium route (the most expensive), your price can range from about $60 to $145.

Greyhound can also save you more money if you buy tickets online. There, you can find student discounts and discounts for traveling with friends and family.

Time Efficient 

A bus ride to New York City from Syracuse is about 4 hours and 30 minutes. A non-stop flight to the city will take you about 90 minutes. Although the travel time to the city might sound more appealing than the bus ride, it’s a bit deceiving.

You have to arrive at Syracuse Hancock International Airport at least an hour and a half before departing for the standard luggage and security checks. When you arrive to  NYC, you will also spend more time waiting to get off the plane and finding a cab to take where you want to go. Three and half hours total for your air trip is a conservative estimate. Why not spend that time on a bus where you can take a nap and get some work done for the upcoming week?

You can do the same activities on a 6 hour or more train ride where you’ll spend more money, but why not just stick to the cheaper 4 hour and 30 minute travel time instead?

Experience Guaranteed 

Greyhound is a good choice for getting to the city, but it is not a perfect one. Many Greyhound buses are relatively old, and sitting closely next to strangers in a confined space for such an extended period of time might be unnerving for some. But, the conversations that you’re sure to overhear or the crying babies that won’t go to sleep might be worth the long bus ride to get to the city. Greyhound trips, especially your first one, are usually ones to remember.

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