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The Best Cheap Apartments in Syracuse under $600

The Best Cheap Apartments in Syracuse under $600

Homegoods’ decorative wall canvases will tell you that “home is where the heart is,” but somewhere between accumulating five-figure student loan debt, entry-level jobs paying $15 an hour, and mandatory self-care, home is now where the wallet folds. Looking for the best cheap apartments in Syracuse may be your way to sock away some cash.

Sure, there will be limiting factors. You’ll have to forego the clubhouse, part with the patio parties, pick up your Amazon packages from a bodega and may even have to park a block away from your new digs. If you’ve managed to get this far and can resist these amenities, you have now crossed the welcome mat threshold to adulting.

Comfortable Living & Prices

Never fear, cheap just got luxury. And now that you’ve humbled yourself, Livable CNY has found the most affordable apartments with the most potential. These are the best cheap apartments in Syracuse.

  1. East Village Apartments $575
    The hardwood floors are gorgeous, but in-home laundry is a big plus! They also have in-home security systems, security cameras on the premises and video patrol. All utilities included.

    Cons: If you’re a smoker, this is a smoke-free facility. Also, there’s only about 400 sq ft., but that’s all you need.
  2. Comstock Ave. Units $575
    If you travel frequently, these apartments are just 15 minutes away from the airport.

    Cons: Three people will have to share 1 bathroom, no pets are allowed, and the neighborhood public schools have poor ratings. Apparently, heat is a luxury you will have to finance.
  3. James Court Apartments $565
    Raring for a rustic aesthetic? These newly renovated units come equipped with wooden floors and cobblestone back-splashes, spacious closets, assigned parking, and all-inclusive utilities. It has plenty of outdoor space and is also minutes away from downtown.

    Cons: If you have a fur baby in your custody, this place is a no-go. You’ll also have to do laundry in your basement.
  4. Bellevue Heights Apartments $535
    Well, the rent is super cheap and it’s 10 minutes away from Destiny USA Mall.

    Cons: There’s a $250 pet fee and surrounding streets are a bit sketchy at night.
  5. Beech Street Units $500
    If fully-furnished is your forte, this unit is perfect for you. The kitchen is stacked with stainless steel appliances, dishwasher and microwave in tow. You can finally make your at-home spa dreams come true in a huge deep bathtub, which is a rare find. There’s also a nice laundry facility in the building.

    Cons: If you’re vying for privacy, you’ll only find it in your room because you’ll have three other roommates.

With luxury apartments popping up in every crevice of Syracuse, it gets harder and harder for young professionals and students to sustain with higher rent at lower value. Livable CNY hopes you consider these cost-effective housing options and resist getting sucked in by swanky apartment buildings. We’re glad we could open your eyes to more livable spaces at great prices.

Though if you’re a student and you’re struggling with choosing a location, you can always take a look at some neighborhoods we’ve suggested.

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