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The best unusual adventures in CNY

The best unusual adventures in CNY

By Chantelle Boateng

The best unusual adventures are not always the ones we pay for, but the ones we find in our backyard. Think of this as a guide, giving you the inside scoop to the best unusual adventures to take as a college students, thrill-seekers, selfie lovers, history enthusiasts, food lovers, and nature buffs right in the heart of Central New York. Are you not sold yet? Well, here are some reasons why going on unusual adventures in CNY is entirely worth it.

Photo Worthy

Photo by: Leah Kelly

If you are someone who loves finding the best scenery for an Instagram worthy photo, or a photographer who enjoys taking unique striking shots, CNY is perfect for you. Not only will you find some of the best waterfalls or lakes in the area, but you can create amazing memories and the perfect portfolios.

Located in Alexandria Bay, Boldt Castle is  just an hour and 36 minutes drive from Syracuse, the old castle will not only make you feel like royalty, but it will also serve as the best day trip to go on with friends to explore the thousand Islands archipelago. Lastly, don’t forget the friend that talks the best pictures and would make you look like the perfect prince or princess. If going to a castle is not your style, the finger lakes is also the perfect place to visit, not only will you be able to see a waterfall, but the water is super clear. Take that you nature lovers. 


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Central New York is not only known for its amazing outdoor sceneries but food as well. By getting out of the house, and grabbing a few friends you can find some fantastic restaurants. Love Korean food? Gangnam Style Korean Kitchen might be the place for you. Want Indian food? The Royal Indian Grill can be a place the place to go.

Do you want to just go to a place with multiple restaurants while shopping? Downtown, Syracuse is where it’s. By taking adventures you will not discover new things, but have fun as well.


Photo by :Riccardo Bresciani

What college student doesn’t like taking a break from schoolwork,? Well everyone does, but I don’t mean going to the spa. If that’s what makes you happy go for it, everyone needs pampering once in a while. Overall, there us a place for everyone to relax her in CNY, also Canada is not too far from here!

Get out there and find some of the best places Central New York has to offer. Go, go, go!

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