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The Fashionista Guide to CNY Winter

The Fashionista Guide to CNY Winter


The temperature will soon be plummeting, and CNY’ers can’t help but think of the phrases “Winter is coming!” and ‘’What am I going to wear?’’

We don’t want  your inner fashionista to be shackled by the snow and disheveled by winds. With the following tips and guides, you’ll be a certified CNY winter fashionista, all set to conquer the winter by being the trend-setting fashion guru. Let’s layer up!

Stylish ways to wear a scarf

Natalie’s stylish way to wear a scarf

  1. The most versatile piece of all: scarves!

First of all, scarves come in every shape, color and texture you can imagine, so this is a piece of clothing that can transform you in a second. If you are wearing dark clothes during most of the winter, this accessory is perfect to zest your look up.

On the other hand, you can use your favorite scarf in many ways: around your neck, as a poncho, a cape, or a beanie (if you are trying to cover up your perfect hairdo in a rainy day!) Go buy the perfect scarf and use it as many ways as possible.

  1. Our body shape hero: the belt

Do you ever feel like a growing sack of potatoes with every winter clothing you put on? Keeping yourself warm is mandatory but so is looking adorably cute. The perfect answer for this dilemma is wearing a belt over your coat. And the best part of all, is that will make your coat look different every time!

  1. Learn how to layer like a pro

The correct phrase is “Layer it until you make it” right? Well, if not, it should be. Layering may be the most important thing you have to learn before winter arrives since it will be very cool outside, but it will be hot inside as well. So this means that your favorite ripped jeans should not feel lonely in the closet until winter is gone; you can wear fun tights under it. Experiment with the same family of colors to see what sails your boat.

Hat keeps head warm

Hat keeps head warm

  1. Don’t forget about your hat!

The first thing people will notice about your look is what you have on your head. The hat is a must-have accessory this season and comes in a range of shapes and colors; doesn’t matter if you prefer hats, beanies or fedoras, it is important to choose the right one for you! You can either buy neutral-colored hats that go with every winter style, embellished hats that will give you a totally different look, or add a feather to your fedora to get a bohemian style. See how famous artists are using their favorite head accessories here!

  1. Boots can steal the show

When we talk about basic winter shoes, boots have to be your top choice! On one hand, boots keep your legs warm. And on the other hand, they also come in a huge variety of styles, which will help you become a fashionista! A good pair of winter boots can highlight your overall image regardless of your look. Whether you prefer ankle boots or thigh-high boots, they all work well with skinny jeans, tights or skirts of different lengths.

If you are petite, round head chunky heel boots are your best friends to elongate the shape of your body. For tall girls, pointed boots or over-the-knee boots- which are this year winter’s trend– can boost a feminine side and reveal your fashionable personality. Pick your perfect pair of boots that meet both fashion and function, and let’s conquer the winter and steal the show!

  1. Your best ally: a statement coat

Having a statement coat is the most essential element for the CNY winter and it is definitely worth the investment, we swear! A statement coat doesn’t have to be full of print or color, as long as it is the most suitable for you. But before getting a statement coat, you must consider four points:

  • Personality
  • Height and size
  • Skin tone
  • Overall harmonization

By wearing a statement coat with extra elements like zippers and shimmering sleeves will grab everyone’s attention, despite the nippy winter.

  1. Tights can solve every problem

If you miss the days of wearing dresses back in summer and get sick of style pants, tights can solve your problem. Warm black tights bring a sharp contrast with heavy upper body clothes. A perfect way to use them could be to wear a casual denim skirt with a cashmere sweater, plus tights and a pair of over-the-knee boots. Meanwhile, another option could be a sheer skirt with tights to create a chic winter look. Don’t falsely think this item cannot deliver warmth, you can get fleece lined ones to keep your legs warm and stylish at the same time!

Winter clothes, dotted with accessories

Winter clothes, dotted with accessories

  1. Don’t be afraid of COLOR!

Don’t be color shy, wearing colorful pieces can remind yourself and everyone else of warmer days! Of course, neutral color is the most safe and common one in winter. But remember, winter is not only categorized by grey, white or dark colors. Sometimes you can try an unexpected color combination that will bring a sophisticated effect to your look and lots of compliments as well. And hey, you might just need an accessory to shine for the whole winter. A gold glittering pair of earrings or a simple chic sweater chain can brighten up the whole outfit. Stay chic and ready to become a fashionista this winter!

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