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The King of Poutine this side of the Canadian Border

The King of Poutine this side of the Canadian Border

If you head north of Syracuse on route 81 to the Adams/Henderson exit (number 41) you will be in for quite a treat.  There are a number of small businesses (and ‘Huge’ ones as well) that offer quality goods and services at small town prices.

Once you turn left from the off ramp on 81, you’re heading into the town of Adams. Turn right at the light, and there tucked in a scene of old school charm sits the place that is, in my opinion, the ‘King of Poutine’… Gram’s Diner.  Kyle Hayes of Gram’s spoke with me about the Poutine on their menu which is actually a version that has won the hearts of those who dine there.

Poutine from Gram's Diner AdamsPoutine of course is a Canadian favorite which has been made popular in the States with television programming such as Wahlburgers.  Kyle likes to search for blogs and vlogs to keep up with current food trends. He noted that the diner tried this as a special and it stuck!

Gram’s Cheeseburger Poutine consists of the typical: fries, brown gravy and cheese curd (which is produced locally), but they also add bacon, burger and what else? More cheese.

If you are a ‘foodie’ and like to take day trips for great food, I would recommend Gram’s for the Poutine but also the Strawberry Shortcake, BLT, Omelets… you get the idea.

In a hurry to get back to the hustle and bustle of the city?  Why stop for the day when you can stay for a night?  Located a few miles from Gram’s in the rolling hills of Adams Center, NY is a peaceful bed and breakfast called Honeyville Manor.  If you feel the need to get away, this is a great place to escape into small town America.

Make the most out of your time in Central New York, and wherever you go, enjoy your travels.

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Kathy Montgomery

Kathy Montgomery has lived a lifetime in Central New York and spends a lot of time with local travel to find the next best thing with food, fun and recreation around Lake Ontario and beyond.


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