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To your wellness and success

To your wellness and success

It takes more than a room full of exercise equipment to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, or build confidence, making that transformation takes expert advice, a supportive community, and the commitment to reaching your goals. Nobody does it alone.

After two decades in the personal training business, Randy Sabourin, owner of MetroFitness, has been living that philosophy. He built MetroFitness around his vision: a place where community and culture make the difference. That’s why he doesn’t call MetroFitness a gym.

Photo: MetroFitness owner Randy Sabourin participates in a Zumba class in Hanover Square

A supportive community

Members Elaine Wolf and Jeff McIntire were working to improve their health and fitness and found love at Metro Fitness. They were married at the MetroFitness East location on May 28. “Personal training and classes with Sean have changed my life! And it’s where I met Jeff, which makes it so special to me,” says Wolf. “People are so friendly and encouraging here. Randy has improved the gym and given people hope that it will thrive.”

Photo: MetroFitness members Elaine Wolf and Jeff McIntire

Members Elaine Wolf and Jeff McIntire got married at the MetroFitness East location on May 28.

McIntire agrees: “We both came here seeking a place to improve our physical wellbeing and that’s what we found. This is where we met. When we asked Randy to host our wedding, he didn’t even hesitate.”

“A gym gives you access to equipment,” he says. “A club is going to give you access to a community. The culture, the feel is different. You get to a point in life where that’s what you appreciate. We create club experience with access to a variety of boutique services, all under one roof.” Sabourin opened MetroFitness Downtown at 205 S. Salina Street in 1995 after 15 years as an independent personal trainer. The success of the downtown location led to the company’s expansion and the opening of MetroFitness East, located at 6800 Genesee Street in January 2016.

Transforming habits and bodies
Sabourin believes every person needs something different to reach their goals. Some may flourish in the welcoming, social environment of fitness classes while others require the personalized attention of a trainer. Mary McGrath joined MetroFitness East in January to work with a personal trainer for the first time.

“My trainer, Kayla has helped me increase my strength and fitness to a great degree,” says McGrath. “I chose this gym because of its location (on the way home) and the after-work times they offer these classes. The atmosphere is relaxed with a variety of people of different ages, all of whom are fun and friendly.”

For those looking for a true transformation, MetroFitness’s popular Metro 42 Challenge combines intense group fitness classes, clean eating coaching, and attitude training to change participants from the inside out in 42 days.


Healing through fitness
Through a partnership with Onondaga Physical Therapy, MetroFitness offers members who have been referred by a physician access to physical therapy. Members can then begin a post-PT training program to bridge the gap between rehab and resuming an active, normal lifestyle for people recovering from injury or surgery.

“People need a resource when they’re injured,” says Sabourin. “Working with a trainer helps you resume the lifestyle you want.”

Sabourin is invested in helping members achieve the lifestyle they want. In a recent e-mail update to members, he writes, “Our vision is to become Central New York’s premier hybrid boutique health club with an atmosphere of comfort and congeniality.” It’s intentionally different from the vibe of competitiveness at typical gyms. MetroFitness members attend outings together away from the club, support each other’s businesses and celebrate milestones and achievements like they’re family. Sabourin closes his e-mail with a statement that reinforces his commitment to members: “Dedicated to your wellness and success”.


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