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Top 5 Fashion Trends that Never Seem to Die

Top 5 Fashion Trends that Never Seem to Die

When you think of forever, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it vampires, heaven or maybe even elves? Whatever it is, fashion is probably not on that list.

But the truth is, fashion has been around for centuries. It continues to push culture and society to stand out. It makes people crave satisfaction from a compliment or being noticed for expressing their individuality.

These top five fashion trends below have been around longer than the last hundred years and continue to make a statement today.

Will they ever die?

  1. Berets. When you think about these snug little hats, Prince’s song “Raspberry Beret” may come to mind. But in actuality, this little hat has been around for about 5,000 years. Members of many different groups wore this hat: artists, farmers, revolutionaries, militaries and social classes. It started as a sun hat, and then transitioned into the cozy hat we know today.

    From sun hat to fashion statement, berets have come a long way.


  2. Newsboy hats. These were a staple in the late 19th century and early 20th century, and many children in the working class wore them. The fashion industry promoted its resurgence today, but this hat was actually invented in the 14th century.

    Newsboy hats will never go out of style no matter which generation you’re from.


  3. Platforms. An iconic disco fashion necessity and an accessory that continues to evolve, these elevated shoes were used as an essential tool throughout history for Greek actors to present rank in experience. They were also used for foot protection in the Middle East. One of the first documentations of these shoes was back in 220 B.C.

    (Platforms) There will be some days when you need a lift and who’s to stop you from doing so?


  4. Fur Coats. Like the ones used in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s iconic “Thrift Shop” featuring Wan, fur coats are actually one of the oldest trends in fashion. People have been using fur to keep warm for 170,000 years and counting. While people originally used them for survival during harsh winters, the coats later became a symbol of wealth for those who could afford high-quality pelts. Today these toasty jackets are accessible to everyone and come in a variety of choices.

    Who said winter has to be completely devoid of any fashion? Fur coats are always in!


  5. Round glasses. “Harry Potter” glasses were the original style of glasses used for the visually impaired for over 700 years. In the past they were seen by society as a statement of intelligence, as they were first worn by scholars. Later during the 20th century, these glasses gained popularity during the flower power movement. Today, they are now seen as a staple in hipster style.

    Round glasses are the perfect addition to your style if you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era.

Just like the undead, these five fashion trends seem to continuously outlive others that have come and gone regardless of the time. Who knows when the next resurgence will occur long after their popularity today has died.

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