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Top Four Ways to Stay Fit During a Syracuse Winter

Top Four Ways to Stay Fit During a Syracuse Winter

It’s happened. The first snowfall arrived in Syracuse and brought the wind and sleet with it. People don’t want to go out in the winter because of the freezing temperatures. Furthermore, this prevents community members from staying fit in the winter months.

Do you want to remain active in the winter without participating in outdoor activities? Considering this, we created a list for you! The top three ways to stay fit in a Syracuse winter provides you with a variety of ways to stay physically and mentally fit.

Try an Indoor Fitness Bootcamp

The Fit Body Boot Camp in Dewitt offers an intensive full body workout. The 30-minute high-intensity interval (HIIT) workout is inside their new gym. The workout adds strength training with fast-paced movements to burn calories and stay fit.

Fit Body Boot Camp members warm up during a Saturday morning workout. Photo by Marissa Russo.

Fit Body Boot Camp offers three free workouts for prospective clients. Classes begin at all hours of the day from 5 a.m. to the evening. The indoor facility is an ideal place to stay fit and get your sweat on without having to be outside in the winter.

Walk Around the Mall

People of all ages are invited to join the Fearless Steps Forward program at Destiny USA. The mall walking program is designed for guests to enjoy the indoor route of the mall for staying fit. Participants shop while keeping their heart rate up with the three-mile long course.

Friends Jeanette Artini and Ingrid Mahoney like to walk through Destiny USA when it’s cold or raining. Just one of the benefits to indoor mall walking.

Mall walkers start at the commons level of Destiny USA. The 0.06-mile long route gives beginners an easy way to start their mall walking journey. The mall is open each weekday. Not only it is an excellent solution for staying fit in the winter, but mall walkers also enjoy browsing the shops.

Join Project 42

Project 42 is for you if you’re looking to lose weight and stay fit during the winter months. Well Rounded Fitness offers this special program that is designed for you to drop forty-two pounds in forty-two days.

A woman working out indoors using ropes. Photo by Unsplash

The program takes commitment and urgency. Clients begin by signing a contract promising to improve their overall fitness levels. The contract includes the participant’s commitment to achieving a personal goal.

Project 42 is a great indoor alternative for improving your wellness while achieving your goals of shedding winter weight.

Seek Mindful Meditation

Mediation is a technique to calm the mind and body. The winter months can cause some people seasonal depression. Meditation will be a great way to stay fit and keep physically healthy. Each session offers participants the opportunity to relax and enjoy being in the present instead of obsessing over the future or past.

Reverend Shoultz, left, leading the mediation session at the small chapel at Hendricks Chapel with Syracuse community members. Photo by  Rebecca Gutierrez

Mindful Meditation sessions are open to people of all faiths in the Syracuse community. Each session is about an hour long inside the Hendricks Chapel on the Syracuse University campus. The mediation sessions are offered every weekday and the best part is, it’s free! More details in Meditation and Stress Reduction at Syracuse University.

There are many ways for you to stay physically and mentally fit during the cold months. Check out our other articles. Mindfulness Meditation: The New Way To Reduce Stress at SyracuseFit Boday Boot Camp Offers CNY’s Most Intense New WorkoutProject 42 is Purpose-Driven Fitness. Mall Walking at Destiny USA Provides Fitness Alternative. Check out other ways to stay fit during Syracuse winters on Livable CNY.


Article by Rebecca Gutierrez.    Edit by Mengjiao Li.

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