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Top Three Syracuse University On Campus Jobs

Top Three Syracuse University On Campus Jobs

It happens to every SU student. You’ve received your admission letter from Syracuse University, but the heavy burden of tuition and living expenses then follows. For students who aren’t granted scholarships, there are ways to earn some pocket money and keep the bills paid. The first step is to find a job. You need to know the top Syracuse University on campus jobs. To do that, there are 2 places to search:

Syracuse University Student Employment

As a tier-1 institution of higher learning, Syracuse University offers a number of on-campus jobs that require different skills. There are TA and IA positions, writer positions for websites, and food service jobs. There’s a link to the SU JobOpps site at the bottom of this article.

Syracuse University Human Resources Department

SU Human Resources Department has nearly 5,000 employees. The HR office helps students with job-related information take care of employment applications. Contact the HR Service Center at (315)-443-4042 or email

For those wondering what the best on-campus jobs are, here’s our take.

Top Three On-campus Jobs

1. TA/IA 

TA’s helping the class / Photo by Tifa

Graduate students explain class assignments / Photo by Tifa

Hours: 15-20 hours/week

Salary: $15-20/hour

Location: multiple academic departments

Application Requirements: Application form, Resume/CV, and Cover Letter

Description: Teaching Assistants (undergrads) and Instructional Associates (graduate students) assist professors and faculty with classes. Their duties include taking attendance, managing records, grading, tutoring students, and even teaching lectures.

Skills required: Some level of prior academic knowledge and experience in the subject area. Requires good interpersonal skills; some majors/courses require professional skills.

A TA/IA position is a great opportunity to get to know a professor and it also helps with future recommendation letters.

★ Relatively higher salary.

★ Good experience if you want to go into education.

★ Get to meet new students and make friends.

You’re still learning in a classroom.

2. Information Technology Service (ITS) Specialist

Technology assistant working in ITS / Photo by Tifa

Technology assistant working in ITS / Photo by Tifa

Hours: Flexible, usually 20 hours/week

Salary: $15-20/hour

Location: ITS department at Life Science Complex Building

Application Requirements: Application form, Resume/CV, and Cover Letter

Description: Information Technology Service (ITS) hires students to support faculty, staff, and other students with technological problems, including hardware and software issues.

Skill required: Requires students with Computer or information backgrounds or iSchool students (who have been reported as the highest paying salary among all majors).
Requires some level of professional knowledge. Requires good interpersonal skills.

★ This job gives you professional practice if your major is computer engineering, or is related to technology.

★ This job can be counted as an internship or working experience on your resume. Companies are more likely to hire employees who have experience with clients or have worked in a tech clinic before.


Food service employees working in / Photo by Tifa

Food service employees working in / Photo by Tifa

Hours: 20 hours/week   

Salary: $15-20/hour

Location: Multiple dining halls or food courts

Application Requirements: Application form, Resume/CV, and Cover Letter

Description: Food service jobs include concession cashiers, food makers, food servers, and dining hall staff positions. Students work in food courts and dining halls around campus.

Skill requires: Requires good interpersonal skills.

★ Only requires small background in food making.

★ Good opportunity to meet new people.


  1. More information can be found on SU’S HUMAN RESOURCE or STUDENT EMPLOYMENT.
  2. If you decide to apply for a job, go to Syracuse University Online Employment Site: 





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