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Wednesday’s “Flip Night” at Faegan’s Pub

Wednesday’s “Flip Night” at Faegan’s Pub

Wednesday, the work is piling up and you are just looking to get through the week. So why not blow off some steam by playing a game where you can win a free drink?

All you need to do is go to Faegan’s Pub on Wednesday nights after 9pm, make your way to the bar, pick a drink, call heads or tails and see where your luck takes you.

For students with a schedule mainly concentrated in the beginning of the week, flip night serves as a much-needed reward for hours of back-to-back class time. It’s also a great social atmosphere for students across majors to meet and catch up.

Environmental Science and Forestry student and landscape architecture major, Hannah Marshman, has greatly enjoyed the flip night experience.

“I like the atmosphere of Faegan’s. Most times I’ve gone, I don’t come out on top and usually spend more than I hope. But I definitely recommend my friends to go because it’s a nice way to kick off the weekend,” she said.

Stephanie Diehl, majoring in Television Radio and Film, also loves to play the game and has developed her own strategy to play the odds.

“A lot of people try to tell me ‘tails never fails’ but because I have a basic understanding of statistics, I know it isn’t true. My strategy is to just go up to the bar and go with my gut. Then, those two seconds the coin is in the air are nerve-racking. It’s a lot of pressure for a free beer,” she said.IMG_3282

Whether you are looking to socialize with friends, to watch a sports game or to meet new people, Faegan’s Pub’s flip night is the place to be. It’s a Syracuse University tradition that has been going on for years and it’s a memorable night for all who participate.

The $5.00 cover starts at 9 p.m., so you may want to get there early to make your way to the bar. In the mean time, you can grab a bite to eat with a friend, and then get ready to test your coin flipping skills. You just need to decide if you’re going to choose heads or tails.


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