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The Whole Package

The Whole Package

The first rule of giftwrapping: banish your curly ribbon. Carol Masiclat, owner of Jolie Colis in Fayetteville, NY, has a few rules that guide her craft, and choosing quality materials is one of them. “Fabric and craft stores have lots of beautiful, affordable ribbons,” she says. “Some are actually less expensive than plastic curly ribbon, and they look super-luxe.”

Since she started Jolie Colis (“the pretty parcel” in French) in 2007, Masiclat has wrapped gift packages for holidays, birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. “Everyone loves gifts; giving and receiving them just make people happy,” she says. “I use gorgeous materials, special techniques, and my design skills to heighten the experience of gifting. My goal is simple: make someone feel special.”

An avid crafter with a background in graphic design, she has loved wrapping gifts as long as she can remember. Besides enjoying the creative process, Masiclat savors the feeling of anticipation that comes with a beautifully wrapped package. “You enjoy a meal with your eyes first, don’t you?” she asks. “It should be the same feeling when you receive a gift.”

b8031eaefd1cfacf9e8345acabb7520cThe business began, like many, as an enthusiastic hobby. Over the years Masiclat has enjoyed helping clients celebrate the special moments in their lives. Clients typically approach her with a recipient, occasion, and vision, and from there she works with them to create a design plan. Sometimes the concept is elegant, and sometimes it is entirely unique, like the three-foot tall TARDIS giftbox she built last Fall for a Dr. Who fan.

Jolie Colis was featured in the The Good Life CNY magazine, where Masiclat wrapped the gifts on the November/December 2012 cover. Another highlight of Masiclat’s giftwrapping career came in 2012, when she was selected as a finalist in Scotch Brand’s Most Gifted Wrapper Contest in New York City.

“It was awesome,” she says. “And surprisingly intense. It’s like the Superbowl of giftwrapping.” Masiclat didn’t take home the big prize, but she did enjoy a weekend in New York with other people “completely obsessed with wrapping gifts.”

Masiclat couldn’t be more proud to build her business in Central New York. “This place is home to lots of gracious, giving people,” she says. “It just makes sense.”

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